Changing Direction in Your Life

Feeling like you’re stuck in life right now? Are you set in a routine you just don’t feel happy with? It’s actually simpler than you think to get on the right track. We’re not talking huge steps, I’m talking about smaller steps, steps you can take little by little to bring major impact to your life.

Interested? Let’s go through the basics!

1. What are your stress points?


Think through your day. What sets off your stress signals? It can be anything, just make a list of them, no matter how big or trivial.

Look at your list. What things can you write off at this moment and decide you won't stress over them anymore? This is where you can start out with just the little things. Maybe these are factors that wear down on your patience more quickly than you like. I'll be posting soon about how to improve your patience, so keep an eye out for that!

Possible items on your list could be:

  • Work

  • Traffic

  • Public

  • Having enough time for everything

    It’s anything that tests your patience, leave nothing out that you’re comfortable with examining.

Find the ones that you can easily tackle, then go after the harder ones. You may even find that the more you get rid of the small stresses, the easier the bigger ones are to deal with. The more likely you'll find yourself not feeling stuck. And the ones that really aren't simple at all, we'll be talking about that in an upcoming post.

2. Are there habits you wish to get rid of?


I know this sounds like a big one, but again, just like with the stress points, make a list. Decide which ones are easier to try eliminating from your life and start with those.

You don't have to quit any of your bad habits cold turkey, although if that makes it easier to do, go you! I'm telling you right now it's ok to ease into dumping a bad habit. If you stumble, hey, you're human, we all are!

To make it easier, try to thing of good habits you'd like to replace them with. Go one by one, or if you're a jump headfirst into a challenge, no punches pulled kind of person, you go ahead and tackle them all at once. If that's the case, awesome for you!

Even if you're not, you know what, you're just as amazing of a person, just for trying.

So, make a list of the habits you wish to ditch, and tackle them whatever way works for you, and replace them with good habits. There's a post coming your way going into more depth on developing good habits, so stay tuned!

3. What are your dreams/goals in life?


Another one that sounds huge, but in reality, so many grand events in life happen because of the small, everyday efforts we make.

What do you want to do with your life? Do you want to make a difference to someone?

Once you figure that out, think of the habits, the little things every day that could lead to the type of life you dream about.

If you want to be an entrepreneur who makes/sends eco friendly clothing to the poor folks out there, figure out what skill sets you need, and where feasible, start your journey to learning those talents.

If your idea of a dream life is to go about just being a good person, the world needs people like you.

Decide what you want your life to look like, figure out what daily habits will bring that about, and get cracking!

I have found that the real changes we need to make to bring huge changes are the small and simple things. As you do them day by day, eventually you'll look back and find they were the things to change the direction your life was going. Try these tips and see how much you'll grow just by doing the small steps every day!

What are some traits of those you admire most?